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In Broken you are Jim, a mentally ill man suffering from dissociative identity disorder. While staying in a mental hospital, your alternate identities break free and wreak havoc on the institution. Only with the help of a kindly psychiatrist and the visage of your beloved bunny Harold will you be able to defeat your wayward personalities, escape the crumbling building, and cure yourself once and for all.

Broken is a top down, 2D puzzle game. You must navigate the labyrinthine hallways of the mental hospital simultaneously with your alternate personalities. Though you behave as a normal human would, each of your personalities suffers from his own mental disorder. These disorders can cause your personalities to act in bizarre manners. As Jim, you must overcome the strange movements of your other identities to reunite both yourself, and the identity you are facing,  with your beloved bunny Harold. Only with his help will you be able to heal your mind and unite your disparate identities into a single whole person once again.


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